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Vietnam Style Scalp and Head Massage

Updated: May 10

vietnamese style scalp and head massage

Spas can work wonders for your body and mind. From head to toe, massages combine pampering with inner calm, leaving you radiant and serene. They smooth away the stress, loosen up those tight spots, and give your mind and body a good pampering.

Specifically, head and scalp massages combine beauty and holistic approaches to leave your skin looking great and your mind feeling a bit more at ease. They also improve hair and scalp health. The wellness-rooted concept behind a head spa elevates it beyond the typical hair salon experience.

What is a Head Spa and What Does it Include?

Head Spa Melbourne

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A head spa is a specialised treatment to enhance scalp and hair health. It involves the use of personalised hair products, deep scalp massages and relaxation techniques

head spa and massage

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Typically, there are two ways to get a head spa: dry, which means no hair washing, or wet, where they shampoo you up first.

 ultrasonic therapy

Sample image of ultrasonic therapy. Image source: Pexels

Head spas may also involve the use of ultrasonic therapy, sending sound waves for deep cleansing and better product absorption. This scalp treatment process will help stimulate blood flow, resulting in a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Head Spa Benefits

  • Relieves stress

  • Eases head tension

  • Improves scalp health

  • Boosts blood circulation

  • Enhances sleep quality

  • Combats seasonal scalp issues

What is Scalp Massage?

Think of a scalp massage as a pampering session just for your head, neck and behind the ears. Generally, a scalp massage uses the fingertips and the palm or a nifty scalp massager. Sometimes, a bit of oil gets applied to amp up the relaxation and give some good nourishment to the scalp.

Scalp Massage Benefits

Promotes hair growth

Albeit there's limited research, the scientific evidence so far indicates that whilst scalp massages can't cure hair loss, they do hold promise in encouraging hair growth.

Reduces tension headache symptoms

A scalp massage might just soothe those symptoms away. That's because giving your head a nice rub-down relaxes those tight muscles in your neck, leaving the tension feeling lighter, shorter, and less frequent.

Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress 

A quick 15 or 25-minute scalp massage can work wonders for blood pressure in women. Both short and long massages also helped reduce stress and lower heart rate.

What is Asian Head Massage?

Head spas have been around for a while. They've only gained full acceptance in our Western beauty culture more recently. Whilst the term 'head spa' specifically denotes a type of scalp treatment from Japan, scalp massage and treatment are widespread across Asia, spanning from Japan to India. 

Asian Head Massage

Image source: flickr/Kerala Tourism

Head spas take inspiration from traditional Indian Ayurvedic health practices, using specially mixed oils and massages to deal with things like stress or scalp problems. 

Head spa

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In China and Taiwan, every haircut comes with a luxurious neck, shoulder and scalp massage seamlessly woven into the shampoo and conditioning process.

What is a Japanese Head Spa?

At the start of every appointment, your hairstylist kicks things off by running a camera through your hair to assess your scalp's health. The footage zeroes in on excess sebum, buildup around the follicles, flaky dead skin and any inflamed areas on the scalp. 

After that, your hair stylist figures out the next move in your personalised treatment, depending on what your scalp needs. This typically begins with a thorough double cleanse using shampoo, followed by placing a bonnet over your head to let a relaxing steam do its thing. 

 Japanese Head Spa

Image source: Pexels

Personalised hair products are lathered in, and scalp pressure points get a good massage. 

head and scalp spa

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Also, depending on where you go, a mini facial and decolletage massage are thrown in for the ultimate relaxation. Everything gets rinsed off, and it's topped off with a blowdry.

Siam Soul Signature Vietnam Style Scalp Spa and Head Massage

Vietnam Style Scalp Spa and Head Massage

Before the pampering begins, our skilled professional therapists get to know your hair and scalp. They will use a special camera to zoom in and assess your specific needs. This way, the treatment can be customised to work wonders for you. 

After the consultation, we will use cutting-edge technology like hydro-brasion, which gives your scalp a gentle exfoliation using water pressure, clearing away those dead skin cells and blocked hair follicles. Finally, we’ll top it all off with a blissful face massage, so you'll walk out feeling reborn.

Aesop's plant-powered shampoo

And at our massage shop, we believe nature knows best. That's why we go all-in on Aesop's plant-powered products, grown using biodynamics, a fancy way of saying they nurture the soil as it matters.

Get the Ultimate Treatment for Your Hair and Scalp at Siam Soul

A head spa isn't just a treatment; it's an invitation to embrace tranquillity in its purest form. Our Vietnam-style head and scalp massage not only promotes healthy hair and scalp but also washes all those tensions away. 


Looking to unwind? Get your hair in tip-top shape? Or simply want some pure relaxation? There’s a relaxing head spa experience waiting for you. Book an appointment today!


1. Are Japanese scalp treatments worth it?

Getting active scalp treatments is good for cleaning and strengthening your hair follicles, leading to a healthy scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

2. What does a head spa include?

The therapist uses essential oils, scalp scrubs, and deep conditioning masks to clean the scalp, get rid of extra oils and dirt, and moisturise the hair follicles. You'll also get a strong scalp massage to release tension, increase stimulation, and relax your scalp muscles.

3. How often should you do a Japanese head spa?

It depends! Generally, once a week to once or twice a month is good. But if you're tackling hair loss, weekly pampering is a must.



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