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What Kind of Massage Is Effective For High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, that stealthy bugbear lurking in our arteries is a health concern that affects many. It's a condition that doesn't discriminate and has the potential to progress to serious health issues like coronary heart disease and strokes if left unchecked.

But what if there is something you could do to help lessen the health consequences?

One of the natural allies to fight against this silent adversary is massage therapy—a practice not only recognised for its relaxation benefit but also as a weapon against high blood pressure.

Clinical trials were giving their approval, announcing "yes" to massages like Swedish massage being a strong option.

Here, we will discuss some of the best forms of massages that can help you control those cussed numbers for your blood pressure—no jargon, just natural soothing facts.


Plus, who would not love to get massaged more often? Keep reading; there may be more than just a feel-good excuse that would level up your wellness game!

Important Notes

• Swedish massage can lower tension and blood pressure with mild touches that improve blood flow and loosen up muscle mass.

• Deep tissue massage applies greater strain to reach tight spots, which can also reduce the top(systolic) and bottom (diastolic) numbers in a blood pressure reading.

• Regular massages, like Swedish or aromatherapy, help decrease blood pressure over the years by decreasing stress hormones and helping relax blood vessel walls for improved blood circulation.

• Massages ought to be gentle and relaxing; an excessive amount of pressure would possibly raise blood pressure instead of reducing it.

• Always consult your healthcare provider before getting massages for high blood pressure to make sure it is safe with your existing personal health conditions.

check with a doctor before getting a massage for high blood pressure
check with a doctor before getting a massage for high blood pressure

How Massage May Help Lower High Blood Pressure

Massage offers some benefits to support your heart and blood vessels. It enables you to relax and consequently may slow down your heart rate. When your heart doesn't need to work as much, your blood pressure lowers.

Massages can also make the walls of your blood vessels softer. Softer blood vessel walls let the blood circulate more easily through your body, and when there is less pressure in the vessels, it is like a lawn hose that is not kinked up.

After a massage, many experience calmness and a lowering of their blood pressure. Since stress can elevate blood pressure, being more relaxed and at ease can help keep it in check. Here are some types of massages that can offer some benefits in the fight against high blood pressure.

Different Types of Massages for High Blood Pressure

When it involves taming high blood pressure, not all massages are created the same. Let's delve into some gentle but powerful massage types that could help keep those blood pressure values in better control.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a popular way to relax and can additionally help with excessive blood pressure. This form of massage works by making your muscle groups loosen up and relax. It's more than just making you feel good – research shows that it can make a positive impact on your health.

For instance, a 2016 study determined that the study’s participants felt less anxious upon getting this type of massage and their blood pressure went down too.

The gentle strokes utilised in Swedish massages are perfect for relieving tense body parts without being too hard on the body. These gentle touches improve blood flow, which is notable for supporting lower blood pressure.

Massage therapists have witnessed how those techniques can lower rapid heart rate and lower high systolic pressure— the first value you hear whilst your blood pressure gets checked.


A study has also determined that Swedish massage can improve vital signs and symptoms like pulse and breathing rate, leading to a general drop in stress levels. With regular massage sessions, many discover their numbers improving over the years.

Plus, because it encourages rest and helps with anxiety, this technique will be a good option alongside other healthy habits and lifestyles for keeping your blood pressure stable.

Deep Tissue Massage

Moving on from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage dives deeper into the body's muscles. This type of massage applies firmer touches to reach those tight spots. Studies show that this firmer pressure can, in reality, help in lowering blood pressure.

It works on the top numeric value (systolic) and bottom numeric value (diastolic) of your blood pressure reading.

Deep tissue massages can make you feel good by relieving the stress and tension in your muscles.

deep tissue massage
deep tissue massage

This particular massage type has also been seen to slow down rapid heartbeats. They are extremely good for calming down sore bodies after a strenuous game or heavy work, but they are not only for those who are extremely active.

Even if you sit at a table all day or feel stressed out, a deep tissue massage might make things better for you.

This powerful massage can likewise repair knots to your aching muscular tissues. Remember, it's tough love – so expect some sturdy pushes on those stiff muscles! If you have fitness troubles like excessive blood pressure, always consult with your doctor before getting a massage.

The Science Behind Massage and Blood Pressure Reduction

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of the way a massage can ease high blood pressure, it’s more than simply feeling comfortable.   It's about tapping into the body's biology—think in terms of an enhanced blood flow and eased anxiety in vessel walls—which may additionally encourage your arteries to take a breather, quite literally; assisting them to dilate naturally and lower that chronic stress.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Massage enables better overall blood circulation. When arms push to your pores, skin and muscle mass, this will make the walls of your blood vessels loosen up.

This allows greater space for blood to flow and thus, much lesser strain within the vessels. Think of it as a huge avenue getting wider so more vehicles can pass through easily without jamming up.

Good blood flow is crucial for fitness. It takes oxygen and nutrition to all elements of the body and cleans away waste. Massages are generally great because they get the blood moving well which is beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart and coping with excessive blood pressure.

Can Massage Raise Blood Pressure?

Sometimes, if a person gets the wrong type of massage or one that truly is too firm, it could raise their blood pressure. This might happen because whilst muscle mass is pressed too tough, the body may think it's under assault and launch stress hormones like adrenaline.

These hormones can elevate heart rate and tighten blood vessels, which may further push one’s blood pressure up.


It's important to speak with a healthcare professional before having a massage for high blood pressure. They understand your health and can give a professional opinion if a massage is safe for you. Choose massages that loosen up and don't hurt.

Gentle types like Swedish or foot massages are regularly better for people with a history of high blood pressure.

foot massage can help
foot massage can help

Even though some kinds of massage can help lower blood pressure, not everyone must get them. People with certain conditions – like excessive heart disorder, kidney sickness or injuries – ought to be more cautious.

Healthcare professionals can recommend what's healthful based on a person’s state of health. It’s important to keep this in mind so that massages help rather than hurt.

Tips for Effective Massage for High Blood Pressure

Choose the right massage type. Swedish and deep tissue massages can loosen up your body and thus assist with one’s blood flow. They're gentler than sports massages, making them a great choice if you have elevated blood pressure.

Talk to your therapist first. Let them understand your excessive blood pressure and every other health issue. This way, they can select the best massage type for you. Also, drink plenty of water after your massage to help eliminate any toxins from your system.

Now let's examine how long you might feel better after getting a massage for high blood pressure!

How Long Do the Effects of Massage for High Blood Pressure Last?

You have learned a few suggestions to get a great massage that could help with high blood pressure. Now, your next question might be about how long you could assume to feel the advantages. Getting a massage might maintain your blood pressure lower for up to 72 hours after your session.


This means that 3 days after the massage, your body could experience a more rested state. For a few styles of massages like Swedish or aromatherapy, it is not as clear how lengthy the outcomes will be. Every man or woman is special and so is their response to massage therapy. What we do realise is that regular sessions do help to achieve longer-lasting results.


Making time for normal massages can help maintain a lower blood pressure over time.

The trick is consistency. Just like any healthy habit, sticking with it will spell the difference. If you are making massages a part of your routine, they work best when you combine them with smarter lifestyle choices such as healthy eating habits.

The Role of Regular Massage in Maintaining Blood Pressure

Regular massages will be a key part of retaining your blood stress in tests. Think of them as a part of your usual fitness routine, much like workouts and healthy eating habits

When you get massaged regularly, it enables you to keep your body calm. It's like telling all the stress and anxiety to take a hike, that's wonderful for relaxing those blood vessel walls. And after they loosen up, the blood flows better without pushing too hard.

Getting regular massages help reduce cortisol levels which are your stress. Also, in case you are experiencing other issues like sleep problems or anxiety that can mess together with your blood pressure, a massage has got you again there too—it tackles these issues head-on.

Getting normal lower back rubs can also assist in lowering cortisol degrees; that’s the pesky pressure hormone that can make your heart work harder than usual.

Pitching in for true measure is aromatherapy massage – imagine chilling out while nice scents fill the air around you. This sounds pretty sweet for relieving excessive pressure and helping you feel healthier.

Regular visits to a massage therapist mean they'll know what works fine for you—like locating just the proper spot to ease anxiety or selecting an oil that makes you sigh with remedy.

After every session ends, it's not just about feeling comfortable instantly; it's about putting in place a regular activity wherein every massage builds up the benefits to keep everything flowing smoothly through the years.


Massage can in reality help when your blood pressure is simply too excessive. The proper kind helps your blood flow better which is right for your heart. If you get massages often, they could preserve your and keep your blood pressure down.


It's smart to combine massage with different healthy habits like eating healthfully and having a regular exercise routine. Remember, before attempting massage for high blood pressure, talk to a physician in particular in case you're already taking medicine for it. Massages can be part of your healthy routine along with diet and exercise.


Can a massage decrease high blood pressure?

Therapeutic massage can loosen up the blood vessels and help enhance the waft of blood, supporting to control of high blood pressure.

What type of massage is suitable for those with hypertension?

A back massage or trigger point therapy may be powerful. They target stress relief which may lower blood pressure levels.

Are there any risks with massages for those with coronary heart situations?

If you have a coronary heart condition like congestive heart failure, talk to your physician first. Some massages may not be safe for you.

How does stress connect with high blood pressure?

Stress makes your body feel tense and can aggravate your blood pressure. Relaxation techniques in a massage can help you calm your thoughts and decrease stress.

Do lifestyle changes enhance the advantages of massage for high blood pressure? 

Indeed! Pairing massage with a physical pastime, healthier eating, and better sleep can help.  It's a holistic approach to being healthy!

Is it true that some types of high blood pressure respond better to massage than others? 

Yes! For primary hypertension linked to lifestyle or hereditary factors, therapies including massaging might help when combined with other treatments.



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