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What's The Best Type Of Massage For A Pinched Nerve

signs of a pinched nerve

Have you ever moved in a certain way and had a sudden, intense pain or discomfort? A pinched nerve could be the cause. This widespread issue can affect any part of your body, including your lower back and neck.

It is noteworthy that massage therapy is a highly effective method for relieving this type of discomfort.

Today's blog will walk you through the definition of pinched nerves and the various ways that massage therapy may help relieve them. We'll discuss Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy—all excellent choices for those with this problem.

Towards the end of this read, you'll know exactly which massage, if any, could be most appropriate for you if you're experiencing pinched nerve pain. To get answers to help alleviate your pain, continue reading!


  • Swedish massage, which uses light strokes to relax muscles and reduce pain, is excellent for newcomers with pinched nerves.

  • Deep tissue massage relieves persistent pain from ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome by focusing on deeper layers of muscle.

  • For immediate relief from tense spots in the shoulders and neck, trigger point therapy is used.

Understanding Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve happens when too much pressure is put on a nerve by the tissues around it. This can lead to symptoms like numbness, pain, and that "pins and needles" feeling in parts of your body.

Causes and Symptoms

Too much pressure on a nerve causes a pinched nerve. This can happen from bones, cartilage, or muscles pressing too hard. Common reasons are spinal compression, disc diseases getting worse over time, tight spaces in the spine, and discs slipping out of place.

Symptoms like pain might start mild and get worse. You could also feel numbness or pins and needles where the nerve is pressed. Some people's muscles get weak, making it hard to hold things or they just feel uncomfortable all over the area.

Pain tells you something's wrong; listen to your body.

Role of Massage Therapy in Treating Pinched Nerves

Massage therapy is key for easing pinched nerves. This kind of treatment helps by relaxing the muscles around the nerve. When these muscles get tight, they can press on the nerve. This causes pain and discomfort.

A massage therapist works to ease this pressure. They use their skills to relax tight muscles and help soft tissues move freely again.

Sometimes, you can feel a sharp pain in your neck, shoulders or back from sitting too long at your desk. Shoulders can feel stiff, and arms tingled. It can be awful. With a massage therapist who could focus on those areas with deep strokes and gentle pressing movements – much like what you might expect from Swedish or deep tissue massages it can help relieve the discomfort around the compressed nerve paths in the affected area.

Slowly, it can lead to feeling better as the sessions go on, proving how effective massage can be for such conditions.

back pain ue to a pinched  nerve

Best Types of Massage for Pinched Nerves

To ease the pain from a pinched nerve, some massages really help. These methods relax tight muscles and make you feel better.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a great choice for easing nerve pain and muscle tension. It uses soft, long moves like stroking and kneading to help relax your body and mind. This kind of massage helps by making muscles longer with gentle strokes that reduce tightness.

It also gets your blood moving better. This means it can ease symptoms from things like poor posture or even sciatica without using too much force.

I once had this type of massage after feeling constant neck pain from sitting too long at my desk. The masseuse worked on my back, arms, and legs with such care, focusing on where I felt most stiff.

The light pressure made me feel calm and helped lessen the ache in my neck significantly. Unlike deep tissue massages, which can be quite strong, this felt more like a soothing caress that left me feeling refreshed rather than sore afterwards.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is great for easing pain from pinched nerves. This method targets deep layers of muscle and connective tissues. It helps with lower back issues better than a standard relaxation massage does.

By reaching deep into the muscles, it can release tension and provide relief.

Deep tissue massage

This type of massage doesn't just help your body; it also calms your mind. Getting rid of muscle stiffness and discomfort makes you feel relaxed all over. Deep tissue massages are good for fixing chronic aches, like what comes from carpal tunnel syndrome or a squashed sciatic nerve in the hip area.

They boost physical and emotional wellness, making you feel less stressed and more at ease.

Trigger Point Massage

Moving from deep tissue massage, we come to trigger point therapy. This method focuses on releasing muscle knots in areas like the neck that cause pain. It's a go-to for relief when muscles are overworked or inflamed due to things such as bad posture or injuries.

Practitioners press directly on these problematic points, helping ease discomfort.

Trigger point therapy doesn't just tackle random spots of tension; it zeroes in where pain is most intense. Nearly all shoulder pains involve these muscle knots, research says. So, this approach is vital for those dealing with chronic tightening and twinges around the shoulders and neck.

It offers a direct path to feeling better by targeting zones linked with consistent ache sensations.


So, you've got a pinched nerve and want to feel better. Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point massages are your best friends here. They're not just any massages; they help a lot with that pain and tingling you might be feeling.

Think about it – lying down for 45-60 minutes while someone helps ease your pain sounds great, right? These types of massage can really sort out the ache in your neck, shoulder, or back.


1. What's the best massage for a pinched nerve?

Deep-tissue massage is great for a pinched nerve. It reaches deep muscles and helps with pain relief.

2. Can chiropractic care help with my pinched nerve?

Yes, it can! Chiropractic therapy, like spinal adjustments, often eases the pain from nerve compression.

3. Will physical therapy do anything for my pinched nerve?

Absolutely! Physical therapists use exercises to lessen pain and improve how you move.

4. Is it okay to use a massage gun on a sore spot from a pinched nerve?

Sure thing, but be gentle. A massage gun can ease stiff muscles but avoid bruising your skin.

5. Does having a full body massage help if I have a herniated disc causing the pinch?

Yes, it might help relax your whole body including areas around the herniated disk which could reduce pain sensations.

6. Are there any massages that shouldn't be done if I'm pregnant and have a pinched nerve in my back?

While many massages are safe, always talk to your doctor first during pregnancy especially before getting treatments around your spine or hips.


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